Loud Conversations

Loud Conversations

Loud by Afiya is all about Empowering women.

Woman Empowerment is the heart or the core of my brand. I want to use my platform to inspire and motivate women to not only to look and feel good on the outside but also on the inside. In a perfect would we would all feel beautiful and empowered 24/7, but that’s not the case and it is ok we are only human. 

Loud conversations is a segment I started to remind us all what’s truly important, which is what’s on the inside. To remind us that women can not only be seen but also heard. We are Loud and we are Proud. Loud is about inclusivity very every race and every shape #NoBodyLeftBehind.
Loud Conversations features amazing boss babes sharing their light and views on feeling good and what woman empowerment means to them….. Oh and don’t think we left out the fun and fashion. I hope you enjoy these posts and videos and they help you shine your light brighter and encourage other women to keep shining theirs even brighter.

Love and Light Afiya

Loud Conversation is with Mrs. Nelly B!

Tshenelle Bethel-Peters, also known as Nelly B., is a natural hair, plus sized woman from the beautiful twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. She’s a Web and Social Media Officer by day, but a Digital Content Creator and a lover of life every day! 


She currently manages the Caribbean Ppl with Natural Hair Facebook group and is the epitome of “if support local was a person,” as she is an avid supporter of local beauty and lifestyle brands. 

For her, her brand ‘A day in the life of Nelly B.’ is a journey of love, as she shares with her community about all things beauty and natural hair care, self-love and self-care, her discovery of amazing local goods and experiences, her faith, positivity and adventures.


Loud Conversation with Gabby Alleyne

Gabrielle Alleyne is a singer, actress and content creator with a strong passion for music, beauty and everything creative. She is a musical theater performer and has performed on stages across Trinidad and Tobago! She is also the lead singer for Island Pop band “The Flick” Through creating her own singing videos entitled “Sing Song Sundays”  she found  her love for content creation. She is passionate about creating engaging content surrounding her loves for natural hair, beauty, skincare and music. She has built a trusted relationship with her community with her bubbly and outgoing personality by spreading honesty and positivity in her content and recommendations.

Loud Conversation with Ainka Williams

Ainka Williams’ infectious on-screen energy, magnetic presence and authenticity dovetail to create immersive experiences in an array of contexts, whether hosting live or recorded productions, as a digital media presenter or as the main driving force behind live activations.


Ainka is a practitioner in media with over half a decade of experience across multiple local and regional networks. 


Over the last five years, Ainka’s expertise in entertainment has allowed her to interview artistes, makers and producers throughout the pantheon of Trinidad and Tobago’s musical and cultural heritage as well as Reggae Royalty Damian “Jr Gong” Marley among others for Synergy TV.


As one of the faces of TTT, she has also simultaneously hosted multiple television series and covered Carnivals and cultural events throughout T&T, the Caribbean and the diaspora.


She counts adaptability among her strengths and has held her own  anchoring daily capsules on FLOW Sports, then the Caribbean’s most watched sport channel.


Her personal network of corporate clients is significant and includes; UN Women, MasterCard, Always brand, Nestle, Cover Girl, Sagicor General Insurance, the American Chamber of Commerce to name a few, spanning across food and beverage, beauty and Government agencies.


You can find this ebullient talent on the TTT Media Network, weekdays from 9 a.m.- 12noon on Next 99.1FM, as one third of the TeamUp In The Morning Radio Show and on The NOW Morning Show on television where she functions as producer and presenter of ‘E News’ for the TTT Network.  

Ainka is also the host of Nailah Blackman’s new reality show ‘Welcome to D Army’ and will be coming to another screen near you soon. 


Loud Conversation with Stef Kalloo

Stef Kalloo is an award nominated singer/songwriter and bellydancer hailing from the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Her island style can definitely be heard in her music which is a fusion of pop, reggae, dancehall and electronic dance elements. Stef has an international flair that can appeal to a global audience as she plans to spread the Caribbean sound and vibes around the world. She was nominated and awarded for the best female urban award locally in Trinidad (TTUMA) for her contributions in music.

Major collaborations and releases

Stef has worked with local acts such as Marlon Asher and Braveboy. creating feel good reggae and dancehall fusion music. She also released popular songs such as  “Take it up” which has been remixed and released under the name “Take it up again” by EDM legendary DJ Tommie Sunshine via Spotify. Launched under the independent label Petty Larceny, the track has become extremely popular on the site with currently over 7 million streams. The success of the song led to her performing at Ultra Music Festival alongside Tommie Sunshine. Her last release “Better Days” and “Lovestruck Renegade” was released during the lockdown period and sends a positive messages to all that better days are ahead and focusing on the simple things are better than material value.


Stef Kalloo recently teamed up with D Piano girl Johanna for the Powerful single “Leave she alone” to spread the message of saying no to violence against women and urging everyone to play a part in protecting women. Stef plans on taking her island pop style to the world with energetic performances and unique musical collaborations


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