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  • Boho Hanging Basket


    This hanging wall basket is great for so many thing, plants, kitchen wear, toiletries, toys, stationary etc. It has a faux leather handle and is 100% cotton. The colour is off white and tan.
    *Sold Single, Not as a pair* *Plants and items inside the basket in the photos are not included*

    H: 7 inches
    W: 6 inches

  • Crazy Plant Lady Tote Bag


    Made of Canvas and polyester with comfy cotton rope handles. Plant Not included
    Dimensions 15 x 15 inches

  • Glam Planter Horizontal Stripe


    This mini planter is perfect for your desk, tabletop, counter top or gift it to that someone in your life that loves to plant. *Plant not Included*.

    Height: 4 inches
    Diameter: 5 inches

  • Hanging Macrame Planter Holder


    Macrame hanger is suitable for most medium sized planters . Comes with a wooden ring attached for easy hanging.
    Glass planter Not included.
    Macrame hanger h 31 inches


  • Hanging Macrame Succulent Planter


    Macrame hanger come with a cute glass planter perfect for succulents. Comes with a metal ring attached for easy hanging.
    Glass planter- h 3.5 inches and top diameter 3.2 inches
    Macrame hanger h 24 inches


  • Seagrass Macrame hanging shelf


    This shelf is definitely screaming with bohemian elements. They are suitable for boho, rustic and Scandinavia themed rooms great for  living room, bedroom and bathroom. Not for heavy items, has a loop at the top for easy hanging.

    Plant not included . Dimensions L 15 x 5 D x 15 h

  • Seagrass Woven Basket


    Natural, handmade basket, each basket will be a little different. This is not machine made. Multi-purpose: decoration, creative storage, picnic, grocery basket, beach bag, toy storage etc. Perfect in every corner of the house, hallway, living room, children’s room, bathroom, balcony space. The basket is not fixed with wire and may deform when squeezed. If the bottom is not flat, It can be reshaped just flatten it again. Plants cannot be grown directly in baskets, they need to be planted in pots and then the pots can be placed in baskets. 

    Dimensions- 8 x 8 inches